Next Seminar

  • Sensei D'veed Natan and Yehoshua Kadosh will be traveling to Houston Texas at the end of August 2023 to teach a seminar at Sensei David Altman's dojo.
    Dates and times TBA.

Seminar Categories

We hold open seminars a few times each year for our students and others from different styles to come together and have an enjoyable time learning special material that is not often taught in our other classes.

If you are an instructor and would like to teach at one of our seminars, or invite us to one of yours, please contact us, we would be happy to hear from you.

We will put a notification on the homepage when we arrange our next seminar and list all relevant information here. So, check back regularly!

We arrange half-day functions for children that are highly entertaining with such activities as; breaking wood and stone planks, learning especially challenging kicks, instruction on specific weapons (nunchaku, tanbo, bo and sai), two partner exercise stunts, running lively obstacle courses and more!

These gatherings are specifically designed to train rigorously with a particular weapon. Our goal is to learn as much as possible with the designated weapon; Refining basic movements, self defense maneuvers with said weapon, learning kobujutsu kata and analyzing bunkai.

These seminars are for new and experienced students alike. Mastering a single kata takes years and there is always room for improvement. Also, we always make time for analyzing bunkai.

Experience is the greatest aid in advancing your sparring skills. However, during these conventions we study many exellent tactics and techniques required for you to become an amazing fighter.

Here we choose specific kata and teach how to interpret self defense techniques from them. These seminars are for more experienced students and are by invitation only.

Do you think you already know everything you need to know about self defense or martial arts? If so, then don't come to these gatherings because we will definitely disabuse you of that assumption. These seminars are for any student that has attained a black belt rank.