Student Responsibilities

Training responsibly for Safety

In order to prevent, or reduce the extent of, injuries during training, the student must follow the guidelines, below, before and during training.

  1. The student must follow the instructor's directions, guidelines, and explanations; and, if uncertain, request clarification.
  2. The student must not get ahead of the instruction; regardless of the skill the student may possess.
  3. The student must offer no resistance; and, must allow each maneuver to be freely executed, during training, to allow for the perfection of the movement.
  4. It is essential for the student to be free of any jewelry (rings, watches, etc) that might interfere with the training and/or possibly result in injury.
  5. The student must understand that strikes are to be simulated, especially, during the initial learning stages. It is not important to be quick; nor, to place any power into the strikes.
  6. The student and his partner must establish a signal system to inform one another when to stop applying pressure during training drills.
  7. The student must undergo an adequate amount of warm-up and stretching exercises to reduce the possibility of injury.
  8. The student must always wear the appropriate protective equipment during training.
  9. Every so often, the student must inspect his personal equipment to ensure that it is kept in serviceable condition. If the instructor deems the equipment not adequate, or unsafe, the student will cease physical training until the problem is corrected.
  10. The student MUST PRACTISE!! We aren't interested in babysitting, we strive to TEACH our students and expect them to endevour to be their best!

Student Responsibilities

  1. Read and study the recommended manuscripts that are available, and be able to remember and pass examinations on the subject matter.
  2. Continue practicing outside the formal training sessions of the Dojo.
  3. Attend as a representative of the Dojo, at symposiums, workshops, confrences, conventions and competitions.
  4. Attend the seminars sponsored by the various braches of the Academy.
  5. Volunteer and assistin the general maintenance, operational and administrative aspects of the Dojo.
  6. Aquisition of the higher level equipment must occur.
  7. Requirements for Testing include: Updated notebook, appropriate weapon(s), testing fee and full uniform.
  8. All students must follow the instructions of the teacher and obey the rules of the dojo. Any student that consistently ignores this basic rule will be discharged from further classes. Any possible refund will be solely at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Payment Details

  1. In addition to the cost of lessons, a new student attending regular group classes should be aware that he must: buy a uniform, pay the Association fee, and other incidental expenses during the course of his training.
  2. Membership is Mandatory - ₪ 150, it is a one-time payment, and lasts until the Shodan (Black Belt) test.
  3. All students are expected to have paid their registration and membership fees within 30 days of signing up for regular lessons.
  4. Monthly payments are due on the first of each month. Eight days after due date a ₪50 late charge will be assessed. If payment still hasn't yet been made, classes will be suspended from the 15th of the month pending payment.
  5. Private lessons must be cancelled or rescheduled at most 24 hours before they are scheduled to be taken; or, they will be charged against the student's account. It is the student's responsibility to reschedule any lessons he will not be able to attend during the month. Ask your instructor for details.