Private Classes

Private classes for adults


For those that desire to advance quickly in learning self defense, private classes are strongly recommended. The greatest advantage of private classes is that the material being taught will be tailored to you! So, if you are more interested in a certain aspect of self defense or wish to learn something special, Renshi Kadosh will organize training material especially for you! However, in order to take full advantage of private lessons it is imperative that you practice between classes as much as possible and review the subject matter taught to maximize your learning potential.

Private classes are charged per half hour. Discounts are available for families and groups.

To train in group or private lessons you are required to bring the following:

  1. Clean uniform (or T-shirt and sweat pants/gym shorts if you do not yet have a uniform)
  2. Cup and supporter
  3. Tennis shoes
  4. Water bottle
  5. Notebook and pen/pencil
  6. Your current training weapon (if you are learning kobujutsu)

Your Choice of Focuses

Extremely violent self defense techniques
Full contact sparring
Weapons training
Traditional martial arts kata

Key Advantages to Private Classes

Personalized Instruction

If you want more specialized information tailored to you and your needs, private lessons are an indispensible asset. It is difficult to receive more than a few minutes of special attention from the instructor during the fast paced group classes, but with private classes you can have hours of exlusive instruction!

Accelerated Training

Are you short on time but still hunger to advance as quickly as possible? Whether you attend group classes or not, you can advance quickly with the enormous amounts of material gathered through private lessons!

Deeper Learning

For those interested in learning the deeper meanings of kata, the plethora of modification possibilities of self defense techniques or learn the sparring techniques and tactics in detail private classes are essential.

Ryukyu Kenpo Instructors in Israel


Yehoshua Kadosh - 8th Dan

Headmaster of the Kenpukan Dojo
Director of Research and Developement of the Ryukyu Kenpo Karate Kobudo Rengokai.


D'veed Natan - 10th Dan

Headmaster of the Red Village Dojo
Chief Technical Officer of the Ryukyu Kenpo Karate Kobudo Rengokai.