Group Classes

Group Classes for Children and Adults


Group classes are the most enjoyable and entertaining way to learn. Classes include exercises, training drills, stretching sessions, learning self defense techniques, weapons training, kata instruction, improvement of striking power and more! Working with fellow students also helps you learn how to adjust techniques to different body types as well as adapt to unexpected responses, while being in a friendly and helpful group of like-minded individuals.

Adult classes are between 1 - 1½ hours long depending on the desired length requested by the students. The self defense techniques demonstrated during these classes are extremely violent and are not meant for children under the age of 13. If you would like to start a new group or check if there is a group in your area please contact us.

To train in group or private lessons you are required to bring the following:

  1. Clean uniform (or T-shirt and sweat pants/gym shorts if you do not yet have a uniform)
  2. Cup and supporter
  3. Tennis shoes
  4. Water bottle
  5. Notebook and pen/pencil
  6. Your current training weapon (if you are learning kobujutsu)

Our focuses of training

Extremely violent self defense techniques
Full contact sparring
Weapons training

Key Advantages to Group Classes

Training Time

In order to be competent in anything in life, what do you need? That's right, practice, practice practice. When you join a group class and work at developing your self defense and sparring skills for hours a week with other students that challenge you every step of the way you can't help but to advance! And with a professional trainer running the classes you won't get to slack off...

Full Contact Sparring

Our full contact sparring sessions are the closest you can get to realistic self defense in real-time. When training in a group you can have a wide range of opponents with varrying levels of experience to practice your sparring skills.

Entertaining Exercises

Who wants a boring workout at the gym anyway? We love to develop interesting exercises that work on the fundamentals of our training. The first segment of every group class consists of very challenging exercise routines that are fun and will leave you sweating and out of breath!

Ryukyu Kenpo Instructors in Israel


Yehoshua Kadosh - 8th Dan

Headmaster of the Kenpukan Dojo
Director of Research and Developement of the Ryukyu Kenpo Karate Kobudo Rengokai.


D'veed Natan - 10th Dan

Headmaster of the Red Village Dojo
Chief Technical Officer of the Ryukyu Kenpo Karate Kobudo Rengokai.