1 Year Course

1 Year Course


If you are not interested or are unable to be involved in an extensive learning period we do provide a rigorous regimen that will give you basic, yet very effective self defense tools that are easy to remember. The self defense techniques involved are specially adapted to be effective against many variations of attacks, not just specific instances.

This group course is comprised of 2 - 1½ hour classes a week (a total of 48 classes/72 hours). At the culmination of which you will:

  1. Learn how to protect against a violent encounter so it cannot even occur.
  2. Know how to strike properly without hurting yourself.
  3. Become proficient in 12 self defense techniques that will keep you safe and nullify ANY unarmed attack.
  4. Maximize your striking potential to deliver debilitating blows to your opponent.
  5. Become adept at evading strikes with dodges, slips, bobbing, and weaving.
  6. Skillfully disarm opponents wielding clubs, hatchets, knives or pistols.
  7. Gain competency in using simple weapons.
  8. Gain an understanding of how a real attack plays out through a series of full contact sparring sessions.
  9. Rise to the level of BLACK BELT and become a member of the Muudansha program with the Academy of Ryuklyu Kenpo.

If you have a group arranged that are interested in learning together, or would like to arrange for us to teach at a school or other venue, please contact us for more information.

To train in this course you are requested to bring the following:

  1. Clean T-shirt and sweat pants/gym shorts.
  2. Cup and supporter
  3. Tennis shoes
  4. Water bottle
  5. Notebook and pen/pencil

Our focuses of training

Violent Self Defense Techniques
Movement and Striking

Key Advantages to the 1 Year Course

Professional Violence

We are the ONLY martial arts school in Israel that teaches extreme self defense techniques to despatch life threatening opponents and give you the undeniable ability to protect yourself and your family againt unarmed as well as armed attackers. We will also teach you how to be one step ahead and use improvised weapons that you can carry legally, no permit required!

Full Contact Sparring

Our full contact sparring sessions are the closest you can get to realistic self defense in real-time. Extremely challenging and absolutely vital for comprehensive self defense training. This will help you over-come fear inducing petrification in violent confrontations and let you experience what it is like to be in a real fight in a safe and controlled setting.

Group Training

In training with a group you gain the advantage of seeing how others respond and relate to the self defense techniques taught, practicing with different partners and making friends!

Ryukyu Kenpo Instructors in Israel


Yehoshua Kadosh - 8th Dan

Headmaster of the Kenpukan Dojo
Director of Research and Developement of the Ryukyu Kenpo Karate Kobudo Rengokai.


D'veed Natan - 10th Dan

Headmaster of the Red Village Dojo
Chief Technical Officer of the Ryukyu Kenpo Karate Kobudo Rengokai.