Rules for Competitors

Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu Kai

琉球 拳法 古武術 会



Organizational Affiliation $250
Black Belt Affiliation $190

Individual Memberships

Muudansha Membership $35
Yuudansha Membership $100
Yondan through Rokudan Membership $150

Dojo Licenses

Individual Dojo $150.00 (does not include Dojo seal)
Additional Branch Dojo* $30.00

* Branch Dojo are those Dojo in different locations in which the same person teaches. For example: an instructor has a main Dojo where he centers his activities. He, also, teaches in a University club at the University that is separate from his main Dojo; due to University policy. The University club would be a Branch Dojo. Or, he may teach in a number of community centers, Boy's Clubs, etc. These are not required. Only if the instructor wishes to have additional certificates to hang in his various Branch Dojo should he ask for them.

Certificate and Promotion Fees

Muudansha (Kyu)* Fee
Signed and Stamped Certificate from the Association $12.00 each
50 or more Certificates $7.00 each
Yuudansha (Dan) Fee
1st Shodan $150
2nd Nidan $100
3rd Sandan $50
4th Yondan $250
5th Godan $150
6th Rokudan $300
Nanadan & up $0
**Jump Test $TBD

* Muudansha test fees are up to the individual Dojo to set.

**Jump Test. Applies only to Nidan, Sandan, and Godan First-time tests: i.e., a previously ranked Shodan by another organization who wishes to advance may Jump Test to Nidan. Cost - $170. From Shodan to Sandan $190. From Nidan to Sandan $170. From Nidan to Yondan $300. From Sandan to Yondan - $350. From Yondan to Rokudan - $500. Nanadan and higher promotions are presented for time in rank and service to Shuseki Shihan Natan and the Association. The Association bears the cost for these individual's Fees.

Teacher Certificates Fee
Shihandai (Shodan) $150
Shihandai (Nidan) $60
Shihandai (Sandan) $60
Shihan (Yondan) $275
Shihan (Godan) $150
Shihan (Rokudan) $100
Daishihan (Nanadan & up) $0

It must be noted: Without a Teaching Certificate, NO Association Member can award any Ryukyu Kenpo Karate Kobudo Rengokai rank or Certificates.

Title Certificates Fee
Renshi (6th Rokudan)* $300
Kyoshi (7th Nanadan)* $0

*Minimum rank to be awarded.