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Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu Kai

琉球 拳法 古武術 会

Martial Arts School Check List


BEFORE you buy!

Use this checklist to help you understand the "FULL AMOUNT" you are going to be spending. You must beware the hidden costs - Get full disclosure before you sign any contract! (Once the contract is signed, it is too late --) If there is any doubt contact your attorney

Do you charge belt testing fees? ______Yes _______No. If yes:
Do you have a price list showing each test fee? ______Yes ______No.
What is the total charge for all belt/stripe fees - from White through 1st Black! $_________.
What is the test fee for (just) Black Belt? $___________.
Do you have written requirements for each belt/stripe test? _____Yes _____No.
Number of techniques per belt? ____.
Number of Kata per belt? ___.
On the average how often is a person tested? _______________.

Am I expected to purchase a uniform for classes? ______Yes _____No. If yes:
Must it be bought through the studio? ____Yes ____No. If no:
What style and color must it be? ________.

Is sparring/freestyle required? ______Yes _____No. If yes:
Total cost of all required sparring/safety equipment? $______________.
Must all equipment be bought through the studio? _____Yes _____No.
Is contact allowed in sparring? ______Yes ______No.
Is kicking to the head allowed? ______Yes ______No.
Is kicking to the head mandatory? _____Yes _____No.

Am I required to go to seminars? ___Yes ___No. If yes:
How many? ______.
Approximately, what is their cost? $___________.

Am I required to go to tournaments? ___Yes ___No. If yes:
What kind of tournaments?
Contact? ___ Non-Contact? ___ Bogu? ____.
Open? ____ Closed? ____.
How many? ______.

Is breaking of boards required? ____Yes ____No. If yes:
Required for training? ____Yes ____No
Required for testing? ____Yes ____No
Required for Demonstrations? ____Yes ____No

Is the studio full time, professional? _________ Part time? ___________
What are the hours _____________________?
How long has the studio been open? _____________

Must I sign a contract? _____Yes ______ No. If yes:
Can I get a copy to take to my attorney for review before I sign it? ____Yes ____No.
Are payments made to a third party? ____Yes ____No.

Are instructors Licensed to teach, through a recognized organization? ______Yes ______ No.

Does the basic course include:
Private instruction/Personal Trainer? ____Yes ____No. If yes:
Is it every week? ____Yes ___ No. If no:
Is it bi-weekly? ____Yes ___ No.
If no: When and how often? _____.
Is private instruction available at an extra cost? _____Yes _____No. If yes:
How much per hour? ____________.
Group classes only? ____Yes. If yes:
How many groups per week? ________.
Do I have to pay for extra groups? ____Yes ____No. If yes:
How much? _________.

Do you use Youth for Instructors? _____Yes _____No.
Do you award Black Belts to Youths? ____Yes ____No. If yes:
Starting at what age? _______.
What is the average time for a youth to get a Black Belt? _________.

Do you teach primarily:
Modern Sport Karate? ____Yes ____ No. % of total? ____. If yes:
What kind?
TaekwonDo ___ American Karate ___ Bushidokan ___ Kyokyushinkai ___ TangSooDo ___ Kajukenbo ___ Kickboxing ___ Eclectic ___ Other __________.

Traditional Sport Karate? ____Yes ____ No. % of total? ____. If yes:
What kind?
Shotokan __ Shitoryu __ Wadoryu __ Shorinryu __ Goju ryu __ Isshinryu __ Other _______.

Self Defense Karate? ____Yes ____ No. % of total? ______ If yes:
What kind?
Traditional Okinawan? Tode ____ Tuidi ___ Kyusho jutsu ___ Kenpo/Kempo ___ Motobu Undi ___ Other___.
Traditional Japanese? Jujutsu ___ Akijutsu ____ Kenpo ___ Other_________.
Modern Method? Tracy's Kenpo ___ Krav Maga ___ American Kenpo ___ Jujutsu ___ Hapkido ___ Hawaiian Kenpo ___ Eclectic ___ Other ________.

Health and Fitness? ____Yes ____ No. % of total? ______ If yes:
What kind?
Tai Chi ___ Aikido ___ Karate Aerobics ___ Eclectic ___.

Classes and the Classroom:
How much class time is spent on physical fitness and exercising? _____. % of total? ______.
Do you teach Weapons Kata? ____Yes ____ No. If yes:
Which ones? _____. When? _____.
Do you teach Weapons Applications? ____Yes ____ No. If yes:
When? ________.
Do you teach Bogu Kumite? ____Yes ____ No. If yes:
When? ________ How often? ________.
Is the workout area matted for rolling and falling? ___Yes ___No.
Do you teach ground fighting/grappling? ____Yes ____No.
When? ________ How often? ________.
Can I reschedule or cancel my lessons if I am sick or go on vacation? ___Yes ___No.
Do I have to pay for lessons I cannot take due to illness or other unforeseen events such as school activities, sporting events, visiting relatives, and such? ___Yes ___No.

With this list and the answers you are given, you will have a better idea as to, if, this school is right for you!